Warren Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer

According to the law of Warren Virginia, the convicted person for any major criminal offense is subjected to many harsh penalties and imprisonment by the court. The law enforcement authorities of Warren Virginia have taken serious measures to ensure that major criminal offenses are properly dealt with and reduced in the states. Hence, for issues like sexual crimes, the guilty offender is even asked to register as a sex offender even for a minor sexual offense.

What are the Penalties for criminal offenses?

If an individual is convicted of committing a criminal offense, many different penalties can be given according to the crime which can include:

  1. Hefty Fines
  2. The individual loses his license
  3. Community service
  4. Mandatory counseling
  5. Prison Sentence

Sex offender

Registering as a sex offender in the state can have a negative impact on the life of an individual. This would render their personal and professional life as registering as a sex offender will impose many limitations on them. The sex offenders cannot socialize as easily in public as people would not prefer to share company with a sex offender. Along with this claim and situations like child custody would be difficult for these offenders.


As per the Virginia code 18.2-111, embezzlement is deemed

“If any person wrongfully and fraudulently use, dispose of, conceal or embezzle any money, bill, note, check, order, draft, bond, receipt, bill of lading or any other personal property, tangible or intangible, which he shall have received for another or for his employer, principal or bailor, or by virtue of his office, trust, or employment, or which shall have been entrusted or delivered to him by another or by any court, corporation or company, he shall be guilty of embezzlement. Proof of embezzlement shall be sufficient to sustain the charge of larceny. Any person convicted hereunder shall be deemed guilty of larceny and may be indicted as for larceny and upon conviction shall be punished as provided in § 18.2-95 or § 18.2-96.”

Online solicitation

As per the Virginia law solicitation of a minor is categorized as a major criminal offense and it has very severe penalties. The term online solicitation is meant when an individual (adult) is communicating with a minor with an intention of carrying out any kind of sexual abuse.

Along with the other major criminal offenses, the Warren Virginia criminal court is also strict with criminal offenses such as reckless driving.

Reckless driving

Reckless driving is considered as a major traffic violation in Warren Virginia due to its nature of causing potential harm. Reckless driving is deemed as a careless act of a driver which can cause potential injuries to any human being, damage any public or private property or it can even result in the death of an innocent victim. Considering the after effects of reckless driving, the legislators have constituted strict penalties against any reckless driving charges.

How can you protect yourself against these criminal charges?

Regardless of your criminal charges as a felony or misdemeanor, you must consult your lawyer. Your criminal defense lawyer is the only one to advise and tell you where you stand, and what is the best way to handle your case. Your lawyer is also familiar with the entire trial process. A case of criminal offense requires attention to detail and careful examination of the success of your case. Hire an experienced and skilled criminal lawyer to help you place yourself in a favorable position and win your case.