Is it a crime to solicit a prostitute in Virginia

Prostitution is defined a serious crime in the state of Virginia. It is the practice of being engaged in the sexual activity with someone for the purpose of financial gain. Many people want to know that is it a crime to solicit a prostitute in Virginia or not. It is important for every individual to understand that solicitation is also a crime. In the solicitation of prostitution, a person requests to another person to perform a sexual act for a fee. A person who is charged in the solicitation of a prostitute can be charged with harsher penalties and punishments than the basic one. They can face severe consequences for the conviction of this crime. Most of the people are not even aware of this crime and ask that is it a crime to solicit a prostitute in Virginia.

Solicitation of a prostitute:

Solicitation of a prostitute does not require an act of the sexual conduct. If a person is involved in the agreement or offers to conduct a sexual act in exchange for a payment, then he or she can be sentenced with solicitation charges. This means that both the parties (the person offering the sexual act and the person accepting that request), involved in the agreement can be charged with prostitution. Although the charges to solicit a prostitute encompasses a broader type of conduct, but this is the most basic type of solicitation charge. In order to understand that what could be the possible penalties for this crime they should first know that is it a crime to solicit a prostitute in Virginia.

Penalties for the accused:

A person who is found guilty in the solicitation of a prostitute is charged with class 1 misdemeanor. The accused may be ordered to take an AIDS education class and an AIDS test. They can be charged with hefty fines. These charges can be extended depending on the state’s prevailing laws and on the prior record of the accused. A person can also be registered as a sex offender under certain circumstances. An offender can also lose their basic rights like the right to own a firearm, right to vote, etc. The difficulty to understand that is it a crime to solicit a prostitute in Virginia or not can be reduced by consulting a defense attorney.

Defenses for the solicitation of a prostitute:

The prosecutor must provide authentic evidence beyond reasonable doubt to charge the accused with elements of prostitution. There are few defenses that can be used by the defender. Entrapment is a defense process commonly used by the defenders in prostitution or solicitation cases. Lack of trustworthy evidence can also be an effective defense. If the prosecutor fails to provide the recorded evidence of the agreement to engage in prostitution than the person cannot be charged with the elements of solicitation. An experienced and specialized defense lawyer can explore the options for defense process. These lawyers along with different human rights organization raise awareness to differentiate that is it a crime to solicit a prostitution in Virginia or not.