Driving With a Suspended License in Warren Virginia

Driving with a suspended license or revoked license in Warren, Virginia is a serious crime. There are several reason due to which during driving license get suspended which includes violation such as DUI or driving under expired insurance. Modern life and routine can be very hectic with so many thing to get done every day, sometimes little things can slip through.  Forgetting to perform simple task such as checking your driving license or reviewing your insurance can have large and unintended effects on a person’s life.

Nature of Offence

Driving with a suspended license in Warren, Virginia is considered as lass 1 misdemeanor which is a very serious mark on your permanent record. It can also have residual impact on your life long after in happens. Some of these undesirable penalties could including having trouble while looking for a job, house or home or receiving security clearance.

Causes of Suspension of Driving License

Traffic laws are taken very seriously in Warren, Virginia and will result in suspended license if certain duties are not fulfilled. Some of the main cause of driving license suspension in Warren, Virginia are:

  • Filing to pay fine to the court for motor related or no-motor related crimes
  • Failing to maintain insurance on a vehicle as required by Virginia law
  • Not finishing a driver improvement course when required to take this course.
  • Failing to pay child support.
  • Failing to pay jail fees.
  • Being sentenced of reckless driving and having a driver’s license suspended as part of the sentence.
  • Providing alcohol to an already drunk person or a minor.
  • Collecting an excessive amount of failing points on a driver’s record for traffic crimes within a comparatively short time.
  • Having a psychological or physical disorder that limits the person’s ability to drive carefully.
  • Failing to pay a civil judgment linked to a motor vehicle mishap.

Penalties for driving with a suspended license in Warren, Virginia

The penalties for driving with a suspended license are very severs as it is considered as Class 1 misdemeanor which is one of the most serious class of misdemeanor offenses. The penalties for driving with a suspended license includes:

  • One year time in jail
  • A fine of $2,500
  • Additional license suspension
  • Possible impoundment of vehicle

The third conviction within the period of 10 years comes with same penalties and of first and second offence but would have minimum 10 day jail sentence. A conviction might also allow the state to possess your vehicle, and you’ll have to pay the costs to possess and store your car before it will be free.

If an individual driving with a suspended license causes a mishap and damages someone other than himself, the judge is obligatory to punish the driver to a period of sentence even for first time criminals. In order to be convicted of driving with a suspended license in Warren Virginia, the prosecuting attorney must verify that your driver’s license was suspended, you had warning of the suspension, and you were driving with a suspended license.