Chesterfield Virginia Marijuana Laws & Marijuana Possession Lawyers

In Chesterfield, the treatment of marijuana is different and as compared to the possession of other drugs the punishment for marijuana is not the same as other states in the USA. When it comes to the first offender, the prosecutor can negotiate which is not possible with other types of drugs. In many situations, the lawyer can take an amendment in the charge and also the reduction in the penalties. So it is important that you must consult a drug lawyer in the Chesterfield if you are facing any type of drugs charges in Virginia. In this article, the Chesterfield Virginia marijuana laws are discussed. Let’s have a look.

Defending the Marijuana Possession Charge in Chesterfield

Defending the marijuana case is different as compared to the other drugs in the Chesterfield. The reason is that the prosecutors and the court will examine the marijuana. The good thing is that in Chesterfield, it is possible to negotiate different resolutions on marijuana possession cases and the charge can be amended as well. It all depends on the completion of the community services and it is also possible to dismiss the charge if you have hired an experienced drug lawyer in Chesterfield. This openness to negotiate the charge is possible only for marijuana whereas, it is not possible for other types of drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

Legalization in the Other States has an Impact in Chesterfield

There are many nearby states where the marijuana possession is legal for creational and medical use. Because of this, the view of the court against the charge in Chesterfield is affected. However, if the marijuana possession charge is accompanied with other drugs then the courts in the state will treat is very harshly. The relaxed stance on marijuana is due to the lenient charge placed by the court for the first offense and that is for the minor amount of marijuana.

The implication of Charge for Long Period

As said above that marijuana is treated less seriously in Chesterfield but it has the long-term implications when it was convicted in the past. The possession of this herb is considered as a class 1 crime. Because of this, you can have a serious impact on your personal and professional life. The crime of possessing marijuana can leads to the cancelation of your license in this state and it may have an adverse effect on your employment as well. This cancelation can be for one year and it can result in long-term warrant attention from the attorney in the Chesterfield.

This worth Considering

The most important thing that you must keep in your mind about Chesterfield Virginia marijuana laws is that although there is some relaxation in other states the simple conviction and violation can lead to serious penalties and fines. The fact is that the possession of marijuana is highly illegal in Chesterfield. The person involved in this case can be sentenced to jail along with license cancelation, job termination, high fine and many other penalties.